Monday, April 5, 2010

opening day.

Today is procrastination at it's best. It's been such a beautiful day that I have barely done anything school related. I have to meet with my adviser tomorrow to figure out what classes to sign up for in the Fall. Well, actually all I meet with them for is to get my pin number that let's me register for my classes. So I did figure out what classes I need and if I need to ask him any questions tomorrow. Right now, I am watching the Braves game! My favorite player was traded last year so I must find a new one! I also put a few things on ebay because I need to sell all these clothes I have that I don't need! I have geographý homework due tonight, it will just have to wait until later!

I got more jeggings today! From walmart- the mily cyrus max azria line. I was really sad when they didn't have the black ones in my size at NY& Co when I got the grey ones because I already have a pair from there and I love those kinds! And plus they were having a 50% off sale. But, I found these at Wal Mart for 3$! Pretty good deal. Jeggings have become an obsession. Easter candy was half off at walmart too so I got a cookies and cream bunny and some reester bunnies! Reese's are my favorite. Can you say a fat a!

Back to my game.... :)


FashionJunkie123 said...

really like this blog, fab and fun xx