Tuesday, April 20, 2010

some serious change.

I don't believe UNA was ever the right school for me. It's a beautiful school, don't get me wrong, and I bet alot of people have some really great times there. But I just didn't. It was never like "home" to me. On that note, I may be going to cosmetology school. My mom and I went by the school today and she is even wanting to go back too! My mother does nails and has for about 16 years. So if it works out like we have planned, my mother and I will be starting night classes in June. I really hope this is what I'm supposed to do! It's always been a choice for me. Hair and beauty related things have always been a love of mine. I've always been around it. Most of the ladies in my family do hair. Except my mom. When I first was thinking about what college I wanted to go to, The Paul Mitchell school in Bartlett, TN, was at the top of my list. But, then I went to Northeast, and off to North Alabama after that. I've never been truly happy in the major that I'm in even though I have been doing it for 3 years. I have an associates degree in it (Business & Marketing Management). If this all works out and my grant goes through then I feel like it will be the right thing for me.So it will be the Corinth Academy of Cosmetology in June for me :)


LeAnna said...

Good Luck Girl!! What school are you going to?