Monday, July 26, 2010


I'm sorry blog for the lack of posts! Sally has been uncooperable! (My macbook) Our computer charger died. After waiting a week for a new one I plugged sally in and the battery icon had a black x on it. :( I think my battery has died and they are like 140$ for a new one! So she will only work if she is plugged in to the charger. Bummerrr! 
Once again I am sitting at work writing a blog to post later. Its a slow morning here. But only about 3 more weeks to work here! I will miss it. I want my own store!
School is going good. I usually just do book work and pedicures right now. Other things will be posted on my school blog which is also veryyyy lacking! 
It seriously makes me sick every day when I think about jus having to go back to school. I'm gonna send him the sweetest package of stuff the day before! I know he doesn't read this so it's okay that I write it on here.  
I know there's cool stuff that I have done to make this more interesting. But I can't think of them.