Thursday, July 15, 2010

the past week.

1. I ate macaroni & cheese pizza. Who knew there was such a thing! Pizza Inn. Ava had it at her birthday party!

2. Ava turned 5!!! She loves Justin Bieber.


3. We went to the mountains! And look who else I found there! Along with 4 pairs of new shoes. :) I got some Coach flip flops from the outlet and some veryyy cute Nine West flip flops. I got 2 pairs of Nike tennis shoes, I barely ever wear tennis shoes, but I wanted some multi colored ones! I also came home with 3 J Crew shirts and some random jewelry and sunglasses!


4. Back to school now! And work. Today and tomorrow I have to work by my lonesome self! I did a pedicure on a real client Tuesday and she gave me a 2$ tip!

5. I just placed by 5th Victoria Secret order in the last month, maybe 2? A little too much?? uh huh.

6. Tomorrow night me and Just have planned to cook! Who knows how that will turn out. Neither one of us are much of a cook! I need to look up recipes...