Tuesday, February 23, 2010

blogging from my phone.

So I am on my way home from school and decided to blog. I wish at least a little bit of sun would hit UNA campus. It makes it so cold outside. Yes, I know it's still winter but the sun makes it a little warmer. Anyways, my lit teacher is crazy and she always looks like she just rolled out of bed. Candie & I skipped history today to go to TJ Maxx. Don't judge me :) I picked up an Essie nail polish in the color Nude Attitude for 1$! I was pretty happy because I have been wanting OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy and I thought they may be similar. We'll see. I also got some small packs of Hello Kitty Jelly Belly jelly beans! I also got some for Anna, Katie, and Blair! :) Candie picked up this really cute metal owl container thing.

I have gotten back 2 of my 3 tests. I did good on my history test and my stats tests for sure! I was so excited about my stats test. I'm pretty proud of myself. That is for sure going up on the frig!

Tomorrow me and Candie have decided to watch movies. I signed up for a free trial of Netflix because Candie use to get it them all the time. Well, long story. I ended up getting charged twice for a free trial. I'm waiting for them to give me my 40$ back. Grrrr! How do you get charged TWICE for a free trial?! Anyways, I've got 3 movies that we can watch. Fame, zombieland, and rachel getting married.