Monday, February 15, 2010


I had such a great time with Jus yesterday. I really needed to see him.

He made a heart-shaped cookie cake! (with some help from his mom)
It was so sweet and it actually tasted good! I was proud of him, he isn't a cooker. We also had eaten from it before I took this picture. He also gave me a gift certificate for a massage! I've never had one. Candie got one too. Adam and him must have planned it. haha

He got to my house around 3 and we just sat around for a while until I got dressed. Then around 6, we headed to Tupelo. We figured it would be packed but it wasn't too bad. We still hadn't decided to what we wanted to do. I decided we should go eat at The Grill because it is one of my favorite places. I always get the Fish Tacos. After we ate we just went home because Justin still had to drive back to Starkville. :( I already miss my boyfrann.

I also sent out some Disney Princess valentines to my friends. I sent one to Justin's little brother, John. He's around 10 I think. He gave me a valentine back! It was so sweet because he gave Candie one too!