Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rainy day blues.

It has been another long day. Even though the weekend is coming up tomorrow, doesn't mean a thing. I got the book today that I have to read and write a paper on, on Monday. It's for history and it's called, "How the other half lives." I'm sure it will be oh so interesting. Sarcasm intended. On a more fun note, my mom wants to go see Dear John saturday and I am sooo excited! It is a movie from one of the few books I have read. I have been waiting anxiously for it to come out. I also want to go see Valentine's Day that comes out next Friday.

My Lit test got pushed back until next Thursday which is such a relief. It may even get pushed back later because my teacher has had some problems with her cat. I am pretty sure she is a real life "cat lady." She has been saying all week that she is waiting for her vet to call with some test results. She never told us what was wrong. Anyways, her vet called today during our class and she walked outside. She stormed backed in and said in a frantic voice, "I have got to go!" So, class was let out. Maybe we missed out on a lot after she left and it will get pushed back even later. A girl can dream!

My new wallet came in today and I am so excited. All I need to find is a new purse :)

It also has rained aaalllllll day. Walking to class in the rain is not fun. Especially if you go to UNA because sun never shines there. I love the beautiful campus but the entire place is shaded. I'm sure that will be fine with me during the summer on those scorching hot days, but in the winter, it is freezing! I wish winter would hurry up and be over because I am so ready for summer. I already have new summer clothes that I have been dying to wear. I hate winter clothes.
At one point I couldn't get my tiny umbrella open. This nice boy behind me offered to open it for me. It was a little embarassing!

I have a Geography map quiz to do online that's due tonight. Grrr!

I miss Jus.