Sunday, March 28, 2010

my heart is wherever you are.

It's back to the real world for me. Spring break is just about over and I am back home to my not as comfortable as justin's bed and a mound of dirty clothes and geography work to be done. My week has been wonderful. I really needed more than one day at a time to spend with my sweet boyfriend. I also loved that I got to see my best friend Blair just about every day too!

My younger cousin got married yesterday. It was a cute wedding for them to only spend 2 weeks planning. I can imagine mine will take forever when I become engaged because I can never make my mind up on things. My boyfriend played a show in Tupelo but because of the wedding I wasn't able to go. 

My third year of college is almost over. Seriously? I dread starting back Tuesday to have to listen to my boring lit class and see what I made on my business stats test because it is will be awful and ruin my day. I already know it will. Tonight and Monday will be spent writing a paper and online homework due for geography on Monday night.

Easter is next Sunday and I have this beautiful white hand crocheted dress that Justin's great aunt made that I am going to wear. It is absolutely so cute! I couldn't believe that she actually handmade it years ago and was going to give it to me! I had only met her once before and something like that is just so special!

Me and Candie are babysitting Ava right now! My 5 year old sister. She is getting so big. Me and her could probably share clothes and I am only about one and half feet taller than her now! It's been a day of painting fingernails, makeup, and playing with barbies. :) Sounds like a wonderful day.


annabelleoh!yeah said...

your easter dress sounds super cuteeee!

Katie said...

wish i could have been there with you and bear! :(