Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Right now I am still laying in the bed at Justin's house. He is at school. I am by myself. :(

Yesterday, I got to see my best friend Blair! We went to eat lunch. I had been forever since I had seen her. I probably will see her again before I leave. After lunch, Jus & I had to go to Tupelo because his band had a radio interview on 98.5 and then they were playing a show at Mainstreet at 9. We didn't get back to Starkville until around 1:30 this morning and we were so tired!

I love getting to spend all this time with my sweet boyfrann.

Roxy, Justin's dog!


annabelleoh!yeah said...

Did ya'll stay for the whole show?

When zack and I were walking back to the truck we looked in the guitar shop but we didn't see the kitty =[ haha.

And Roxy looks so sweeeet!

Courtney said...

yeah we had to stay because they were using something of justin's