Wednesday, March 17, 2010

procrastinate much?

I should be studying for the awfully hard Business Statistics test that I will be having tomorrow. But what I am I doing you ask? Looking up fashion & beauty blogs and listening to Framing Hanley.  I am so nervous for this test, why aren't I studying? I do get to use a cheat sheet though. :) My teacher is nuts but I like her just for the reason she lets us use cheat sheets.

I am ready for my Spring Break next week. Grrr you Alabama for not having it this week!

I painted my nails this beautiful new OPI color from the Hong Kong Collection: Suzi says Feng Shui.

My boyfriend is at The Grand Canyon this week. Saddd.

The only other thing I have done today was go through clothes I don't want to see if my younger cousin wants to buy some of them from me since we wear the same sizes. I need to get rid of stuff and she gets cheap but good clothes! Win-win situation.

By the way, Happy St Patricks Day! at the moment I have on no green. I actually did earlier though!

Seriously, Where is Summer?

Monday, Me and Candie painted with Adam's mom and sister. It's a usual thing we do every once in a while. I fell in love with the Peter Stanick barbie paintings he did when I first saw them.  (

So I decided to try and paint my own. I didn't want to copy his, so I was making my own version of it because I don't have 200$ to buy the real one. I didn't get to finish because we ended up having a flat tire and then had to leave. But, one day, Barbie will get finished.


Kristin said...

Summer may be a few months off, but at least Spring is here right?