Thursday, June 24, 2010

my week.

I can't get my phone to post a new blog post so I am writing this and then I am going to post it later.  
 I'm at work right now. This week has been so slow! I just saw cherry and joe eaton! Both of them! Mrs cherry was going to get a pedicure next door, so that made me think of carrie foley and that I needed to update my blog! Haha 
 Some of you live in my town, come visit the grace shop! Working here makes me realize how much I really want a boutique of my own. :) it has really made me a happy working here and it makes me feel like myself. weird?
 I've just been so busy! I barely have time to check my email or facebook unless its late at night. School is going good! Its gotten a lot better since the first two weeks. I got my kit last night too! I will update my school blog with information on that.  
 We are having a yard sale saturday! Come buy my clothes!!!! Its right next door to my house at my granny's house. I'm going to be working on that stuff tonight and tomorrow night because I haven't gotten any of it done!  
Monday was my two year anniversary with jus! 2 yearss!!!! I couldn't believe it. I love him just as much as when I met him! :) 
 I can't wait for a vacation! We are going to gatlinburg the second weekend in july and I can't wait to just go somewhere. Its a girls trip, with my mother, candie, my granny and my great aunt! I can't wait to go shopping. Ha! And by coincidence, jus and his family will be there one of the days we are there! We will be getting there as they are about to leave. 
So I wrote all of that earlier. Now, I am home. I'm waiting for my mom to bring home some pizza factory and I am working on yard sale stuff! :)