Monday, June 28, 2010

where do the weeks go?

Seriously, the weeks have just been flying by. It seems like yesterday it was last Monday. All I do is work and go to school now. Friday night, I went with Justin to his band practice because I hadn't seen him all week. Saturday morning we had our yard sale, it rained. So hardly anyone showed up. My granny is going to do it again Friday morning for us. I also had school, which I did absolutely nothing.

On Sunday, Justin went with me to church at East Booneville. Since Candie has to work most Sundays now, we only get to go to Oak Hill on special days when she doesn't have to work on Sunday morning, which is rare. My little sister Ava sat with us during church so it was a fun time. I was coloring her pages and Jus asked which one of us was the little girl? haha. We went over to my dads house afterwards and had lunch with them. After we left, we came back to my house so I could change. We went to his house and took his dog out to the creek so she could swim around! We walked down the creek forever, and climbed up things! I was being so adventurous and outdoor-sy. It was actually fun too. I had a great time with Jus. After we were done at the creek we went back to his house and went swimming! It was so hot and I had been "glistening." It was pure sweat! haha. I like the days I get to spend all day with my boyfriend. They are rare!

Today, I worked. It's still been pretty slow but at the beginning of the month it should pick up again.

We'll see how the rest of the week goes. :)