Sunday, June 20, 2010

the weeekkkk.

It has been a busy week! I haven't had much free time between work and school. And that is what my whole week has consisted of. I love my job! Working there makes me realize how much I want a boutique of my own.  I need one! 

School. My thoughts on it will be posted on my other blog. :)

Friday night, Candie, Kelsey, & I made food. Desert actually. Truffles & this frozen banana split cake kinda thing. Yumm!

I had color my hair again last night. It wasn't sticking to my bleached hair. I ended up putting a light copper brown on it and then I was going to put a medium intense red over that. The color I got wasn't what I expected, but it's kind of neat. hah! It's pretty much maroon/violet red. It's different, a neat color, I'm still deciding! :)

Kelsey has the best lap kitty.